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View Thread: Open source makes windows 8 usable
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    , DCMonkey wrote


    It doesn't seem to have caused much of a problem with Windows 7's taskbar thumbnails, which show a close button when you hover over the tile.

    Try using those on a touch screen.

    , DeathBy​VisualStudio wrote


    So you're going to give the Windows Store app IE guys a pass then huh? Nice.

    I've already managed to accidentally close IE tabs instead of switching to them precisely because of this, it's a bit of UI I really don't like. I'd have gone for a more Semantic Zoom type approach, maybe arranging the pages like the old Quick Tabs functionality from IE8.


    Your working under the premise that an app centric world is the preferred. That premise is flawed. People want to get to their data as quick as they can and don't give a rat's arse if that's by opening the data from a menu from the shell or from within the application itself so long as it's the fastest. Of course you'll always prefer the apologist's position.

    App-centric seems to be working rather well. It's been embraced by every smartphone, tablet etc ever since Apple proved it made life easier. Of course you think anyone who doesn't agree with you thinks there is something that needs apologising for.


    With what -- only 2000 apps in the store? Maybe? Are you sure you want to go there? Looks like Citrix has a release out. I bet that's going have some pain points just like remote desktop. Can't wait for the others...

    I didn't say it had to be a store app. Could be anything.

    Come to think of it I have an app that would suck as a Windows Store app because of this very issue. It's an app that displays real-time weights from multiple scale heads. It's a WPF app that uses WCF with WSDualHttpBinding for communications providing both the real-time weight values from the scales and a control interface for the scales.

    Having an app that's not written in a way that's connectionless isn't the same thing as an app that can't be.


    It's sad to see you make up lame excuse after lame excuse for Microsoft. You really think a full blown Windows Pro tablet is going to be so much more optimized than the Build tablet that it will meet or exceed the iPad or an Android tablet on startup times? From sleep even? Dude, put down the crack pipe. It's not helping you.

    I think Windows SoC devices (whether ARM or Intel) will be a lot more comparable to other SoC devices than traditional old-school PCs. I think the UEFI systems will startup faster than BIOS-based machines. And from sleep? Do you honestly think even current PC's have trouble resuming from sleep?

    Do you honestly think the BUILD tablet was even nearly representative of the hardware that will be launched alongside Windows 8?

    "W8 grade hardware". Sounds like you're calling Sinofsky a liar considering he said we'd have 450 million customer available to us as launch day -- you know those upgrading from "W7 grade hardware."

    I think you should go listen to what Sinofsky actually said at BUILD. Or, you know, keep making stuff up that fits your argument better.

    Hey I hear Apple is looking for a new PR guy for their mapping app. I think you'd be perfect for it. You can use me as a reference; you'll get nothing but high marks from me.

    Nah, they need someone who lives in his own little world, ignores what most people want from computers and will endlessly shift arguments every time it becomes obvious what he says makes no sense.

    I'll pop your reference in the post, then.