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    Sven Groot

    @magicalclick: Before we all dig in our heels here, let me say I understand your position. You want the taskbar to work for metro apps, and I get that. Personally, I haven't really used sufficient metro apps to make up my mind. The one case where I wished a metro app was visible in the taskbar was when I was using the metro RDP client (of course, in this case I can always just use the desktop RDP client if it really bothers me). I haven't yet missed the taskbar when using metro apps, but again, not a lot of experience with it yet. Nevertheless, I can totally see why you would want that.

    What I do disagree with is your use of the words "broken" and "crippled". To me that implies that intended functionality is not there, or that previously existing functionality is no longer working (correctly). The taskbar has never shown or been visible in metro apps (since metro didn't exist before), so nothing has been broken.

    Metro is for all intents and purposes an entirely separate UI existing next to the desktop. The taskbar is not part of this UI (which makes sense because, regardless of what MS may claim, metro is primarily a tablet UI). And as I already pointed out, it was never "always visible" and "showed everything" in the first place. It was designed this way and is functioning as designed, and is therefore not broken.

    You don't agree with the design, and your complaints may be legitimate, but that doesn't mean it's broken. It just means you don't agree with the design.

    I've been a beta tester of Windows since Win2k for every version except 8 (since the technical beta program no longer exists). Like it or not, when a bug gets closed as "by design" it means everything is working as intended. You may not like it, but at that point it's a feature, not a bug, even if it's a feature you don't like.