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    1 day ago, AndyC wrote


    I've already managed to accidentally close IE tabs instead of switching to them precisely because of this, it's a bit of UI I really don't like. I'd have gone for a more Semantic Zoom type approach, maybe arranging the pages like the old Quick Tabs functionality from IE8.


    You know they can't design a UI that protects idiots from every mistake they make.

    I suppose you have that problem with the W7 taskbar thumbnails too. Do you run with scissors? Be careful!

    App-centric seems to be working rather well. It's been embraced by every smartphone, tablet etc ever since Apple proved it made life easier. Of course you think anyone who doesn't agree with you thinks there is something that needs apologising for.

    Actually I have no problem with supporting both application oriented and file oriented approaches. It's your uncompromising, myopic view of the world that creates this apologetic tone you pollute these forums with. If it's contrary to Microsoft's decision everyone but you must be holding it wrong.

    You're also throwing out the notion (again) that desktop PCs will exist in this new world and if they do they won't have a mouse & keyboard. Devices like tablets and phones don't have the luxury of large screen sizes or mouse & keyboards so they need a simpler interface.

    I didn't say it had to be a store app. Could be anything.


    Having an app that's not written in a way that's connectionless isn't the same thing as an app that can't be.

    Sounds like you're inferring that any app that isn't connectionless is written wrong. Another "you're holding it wrong" response. Very clever.

    I think Windows SoC devices (whether ARM or Intel) will be a lot more comparable to other SoC devices than traditional old-school PCs. I think the UEFI systems will startup faster than BIOS-based machines. And from sleep? Do you honestly think even current PC's have trouble resuming from sleep?

    Do you honestly think the BUILD tablet was even nearly representative of the hardware that will be launched alongside Windows 8?

    Current PC's having problems resuming from sleep? Say it isn't so! Oh yeah it is...

    The iPad and Android tablets don't have this problem. Blame the bios, drivers, OEMs all you want but it'll still be Microsoft's burden to bear.

    Comparing the build tablet to a recently announce Windows 8 tablet let's see what we have...


    Samsung Build Tablet

    Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2


    11.6″ Super PLS display (16:9 -1,366   x 768 resolution)

    10.1" IPS display (16:9 - 1,366x768 resolution)


    Intel Core i5-2467M 1.6GHz dual-core processor (2nd Gen)

    Intel Atom Clover Trail 1.8GHz  dual-core processor


    4GB DDR3 RAM

    Not stated


    64GB SSD drive

    Not stated

    Removable   Storage

    microSD memory card slot

    microSD memory card slot


    3G   mobile broadband (AT&T) and Wi-Fi

    Optional 3G wireless with 4G models (AT&T)  and Wi-Fi





    One USB 3.0 port

    One USB 2.0 port


    Micro HDMI connector

    Micro HDMI connector


    Headphone jack

    headphone/microphone jack


    Microphone array

    Microphone array


    docking connector

    docking connector


    2-megapixel front camera 
    3-megapixel rear camera

    2-megapixel front camera 
    8-megapixel rear camera



    Fingerprint Reader, optional TPM





    Digitizer with Stylus

    Digitizer with Stylus


    GPS, Accelerometer, Compass

    Not stated





    2   pounds

    1.3 pounds




    Looks pretty comparable to me including the UEFI support. Of course the Build tablet being a prototype is a beast in size and weight but that's not going to factor on startup time. The Atom processor in the ThinkPad make me a little nervous since we all know who well netbooks perform but I'll give it the benefit of the doubt because it's next-gen and dual core. So what are you willing to give here Andy?

    I think you should go listen to what Sinofsky actually said at BUILD. Or, you know, keep making stuff up that fits your argument better.

    I was there smart guy. That's how I got my tablet. Heard every word he said.

    He may have said "Write for touch, get the mouse and keyboard for free" but coupled with the reality of what he meant by "no compromise" I think my sarcastic revision is closer to the truth.

    Nah, they need someone who lives in his own little world, ignores what most people want from computers and will endlessly shift arguments every time it becomes obvious what he says makes no sense.

    I'll pop your reference in the post, then.

    So now you're down to "No you are!"  What next? Quotes from your momma? Desperate times Andy. Desperate times...

    1 day ago, DCMonkey wrote


    I don't have a touch screen.

    No compromises.

    Andy has an interesting sense of reality; one where the mouse and keyboard don't exist.