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View Thread: Open source makes windows 8 usable
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    Sven Groot

    @evildictaitor: You mean I can make them overlapped at any size, like we've been able to do for the last 20 years? If you can tell me how I'll give you a dollar. Tongue Out

    I'm aware of the option to dock them on the side, but it's useless. The IE app just doesn't lend itself to having stuff on call while I'm developing in VS. I can't even really put it on the second screen, because if I do that, all Metro stuff (including the start screen) moves to that screen, which is just the stupidest thing ever.

    I'm on a regular desktop PC, with two large monitors. I simply see no reason to ever have anything run full screen. And docking it on the side is nice in theory, but then it pushes the entire desktop aside, and I can't put any windows on top of it without first undocking it again. Plus, there's a pointlessly huge border dividing the docked app and the rest of the screen (I'm using a mouse, I don't need a 10 pixel divider).

    Metro is nice, I'm sure it's great on tablets, but I simply have yet to discover anything I would want it for on the desktop. Every time I find an app that's potentially nice, the same thought runs through my head: "if only I could run this in a window..."