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    , DeathBy​VisualStudio wrote


    If the concern is that the "x" may be easily (not confusedly) selected then they could hide the "x" until the mouse hovers over the tile. Oh but that would go against the great Sinofsky who once said "Write for touch, F the mouse & keyboard".  I think that's what he said anyway. Wink

    Yes, that is the concern. And the absolute most ridiculous way to try and prevent it is to have that button be hidden until you mouse over where it is, because then you're almost certainly going to have the situation where someone moves the pointer over what looks like the switch target and has already clicked the button before realising the magic close button has suddenly appeared beneath their cursor and they've just quit the application they wanted to use.

    Of course you could alleviate that problem by having the user explicitly right click with the mouse to make the close option appear...


    Um no... It's providing a quick route to a file I had recently created.

    In what sense is that not file centric? And it still ignores the way Jump Lists are implemented, which is fundamentally around providing launch parameters to apps.


    I'd think that any type of terminal app would fall into the same category as remote desktop. That would also go for any admin tool that monitors and reports health of web sites, server, etc. Oh here it comes...I can feel it: those kind of apps are holding it wrong.

    So that's a definitive "No." to the question, can you name anything other than a Remote Desktop (or equivalent) application then?

    And yes I'm ignoring admin tools that monitor sites, because most of the widely used ones in existence (such as the excellent Nagios), are already implemented as web pages and so clearly capable of operating in an entirely connectionless fashion.


    Also I'll just ignore the delay it takes for me to power up my W8 tablet from sleep and get to the app I want vs. doing the same on an Android or iPad too.

    I'm impressed you have W8 grade hardware, given that none has been released yet. Perplexed