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    , Sven Groot wrote

    @magicalclick: What's wrong with the taskbar? Other than the missing start button it seems exactly the same to me.

    The taskbar failed to switch to an app that I was using a minute ago which I didn't  terminate. The taskbar acted to hide itself in various occasion that wasn't in gaming mode or slideshow or screensaver or movie mode, while I specifically set the taskbar to be always visible and on top as a default behavior since win95.

    If you take your time to understand the principles, you will understand what I mean. And yes, I perfectly know it is by design, and by design, the taskbar no longer functions as expected.

    Taskbar = always visible instant access to switching tasks that I am and was doing not long ago. There are ways to prioritize those tasks for me and I am open to discussion about it. But if I was using it a minute ago, I need the app to be switchable through this instant taskbar.



    Try VS development while you use IE Metro to access MSDN, and then multi-tasking on metro mail, metro calendar, metro music, metro PDF reader in single monitor.