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View Thread: Opera will make a gradual transition to the WebKit engine
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    , figuerres wrote

    I think this is really about the so called html "standard"  which allows for different browsers to render the same html and css pages with different results on the screen.  so users and web designers do not care about the standards document but about having pages work right.  and designers do not want to try and put in different markup / css for each browser...

    so we are now going to have a "standard in fact"  by writing to one engine and telling the rest to follow or die.

    So to anyone who wants to have multiple browser engines needs to go talk to the html standards folks and get them to write a standard that is really and truly "standard" so that engine developers and web designers do not have to hate each other.

    ok perhaps hate is not the right word but....

    Let's face it. There's too few programmers who can design elegantly for web, and there's too few web designers that can code. For those who can't code, we can't really expect them to care about "standard". When the result looks good enough, their job is considered done. There's little or none incentive for them to learn "pay the tax".