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View Thread: Opera will make a gradual transition to the WebKit engine
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    , Kental2 wrote

    And while I'm on this diatribe, I should point out that just because a web browser is using Webkit doesn't guarantee it'll look the same as another browser using Webkit.  Rarely a week goes by when I'm not having to put some hack in for Safari that doesn't exist in Chrome or vice-versa.  And I'm not talking about Chrome windows vs. Safari mac.  I'm talking about the same browser on the same platform.  They have completely different rendering problems.

    I once read an article that went on a pretty long rant about all of the various versions of WebKit out there. Apparently you can't even guarantee things are going to look the same between minor point releases of the same browser.

    To think that people criticize IE for their public stance on not doing rapid updates. (Although a bit faster wouldn't be bad)