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View Thread: Other than the emulator, why does WP8 SDK require Windows 8?
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    @dentaku: Aren't the Windows 8 download cheaper than the physical DVD? I was at an MS popup store and they wanted $70 for the DVD.

    Well the reason I'd prefer a clean W8 install vs an in-place upgrade is because at this point my Windows 7 system takes ~5 minutes to boot. Even though it wasn't supposed to happen, Windows 7 still gets bogged down over time. While I supposed an in-place W8 install will probably be able to improve on that a little bit, I would still prefer a clean install just to clear out all the cobwebs. However I guess I can always try an in-place upgrade and see if the results are acceptable. Worst case I can then do a clean install if things turn out bad.

    Did anyone else with a lot of stuff on their system do an in-place upgrade with good results?