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Our application is built tested and through beta - now what?

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    We created a very nice ASP .NET MVC XHTML/CSS content management system.  Any ideas on where I can start the discussion of finding channel partners to work with and to help me find markets for it?

    I assume bizspark, or somewhere here, but does anyone know where specifically to start?




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    Do you have a site to showcase it?

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    If you had to sum up what your app does in one line or less what would it be?

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    I appreciate the replies.  We built the CMS to power our real estate sites, but, well, we all know how that market is going.

    I have a demo and free sign up at:

    If you set up a site, let me know and I'll open up the full features for you.

    If I summed our business to a customer in one line or less, it would be this:

    "Adaptyne Technologies provides managed content web sites to our clients."

    If I summed it up to a more technical crowd I would say:

    "We have a fully compliant XHTML/CSS CMS with theming and the ability to turn on multiple sites with DB imports or via a web interface."

    At the moment this is only a vehicle for our real estate clients, but we have been running this CMS in various phases for a year now.  We have about 400 users on the system currently.

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