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    No, I'd like the same feature that the Office Outlook desktop client has: to subscribe to and view news feeds. If it's integrated into the mail reading experience it's more likely that I (or anyone else, I suspect) will follow the news of interest than if it's a separate site like Google Reader. Just a thought.

    They put this in in Outlook 2007 but it was very broken and they never bothered to fix it.

    It wasn't integrated with Exchange so if the particular machine with the RSS feeds was not on you will miss RSS feeds, and if more than one instance of the software has the same RSS feeds you get duplication.

    The only way to get this to work properly is to put it into Exchange and their consumer email. But they have not bothered to do this since Outlook 2007, and there is nothing about this in Exchange 2013 that I can see, and I am not confident about expecting anything this decade.