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    , RodAtWork wrote

    But I've got a serious question I'd need answered.  It's my understanding that Hotmail and all of it's various email addresses ( and will eventually be going away.  I got the feeling that it would be a good idea to get an email address as soon as prudently possible.  Well, my wife and I both have a Windows Phone (currently on the Mango release 7.5), and both of our phones are associated with our Hotmail accounts.  How do we move that to a new account?  I've not seen anything anywhere about this, and I'm sure that others are like us and kind of confused as to what the next step(s) are.

    What gives you the idea the existing addresses will go away?

    Currently if you force migration you will have to hard reset you phone. And of course you have to give everyone your new email address.

    If all you want is the new UI then login with your hotmail/ creds to You can actually setup aliases, so if you wanted to get an address you could add it as an alias. It wouldn't be your primary address though, so you can only send form it via the web ui