I saw the notice that Microsoft was going to deprecate Hotmail and replace it, eventually with Outlook.com.  I went to my Hotmail account and changed to the new UI right away, and I really love it!

But I've got a serious question I'd need answered.  It's my understanding that Hotmail and all of it's various email addresses (hotmail.com and live.com) will eventually be going away.  I got the feeling that it would be a good idea to get an outlook.com email address as soon as prudently possible.  Well, my wife and I both have a Windows Phone (currently on the Mango release 7.5), and both of our phones are associated with our Hotmail accounts.  How do we move that to a new outlook.com account?  I've not seen anything anywhere about this, and I'm sure that others are like us and kind of confused as to what the next step(s) are.