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    maybe the most 'revolutionary/radical' change on the SL front could be the LiveLabs Volta striking back, something like 'develop in Silverlight 5 and deploy in HTML 5/ECMAScript 5'. Big Smile

    I was thinking about this when I saw the summery of Erik Meijer's recent talk on Wintellect's Devscovery:

    the most important problems of the idea 'compile SL app into HTML/JS' is that SL have many builtin features which may not available in HTML/JS, like video decoders, now HTML5 has builtin video capabilities as well, and Canvas for 2D, and there are also offline storage apis for JS in some browsers, everything are evolving rapidly, maybe at some point we can really see that happens.

    but such an annoucement will definitely feature Erik on the stage, so its unlikely for this PDC, huh Tongue Out