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PDC Windows phone - any chance Microsoft will sell

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    Man, the one time I don't go to PDC and they give away a Windows 7 Phone to attendees. This is what I was hoping for at Mix this year.

    Is there any chance that Microsoft will sell these to (slightly cheaper) to those of us who couldn't attend to use as a dev phone? (I already checked eBay, seems no attendees have listed there's yet!)

    I know these things are going to be released in the US soon, but it would be nice if Microsoft could do something for those of us who are seriously wanting to support this platform and offer dev phone at a discount.

    Any atendees who want to sell theirs? Big Smile

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    I don't think there's any difference between a phone you buy in the store and a dev phone...

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    @OrigamiCar: As far as I understand it, the phones will just be one of the retail phones. Even the dev phone was just the LG phone IIRC.

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    @PaoloM: Nope, none.  Just sign up to the App-Hub and unlock your retail phone with the tool installed with the windows phone developer tools.


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    The LG Phone rocks - I already have the HTC HD7 (I like the big screen)  but I love the LG - and the free LG software apps are awesome, great job!  (Nope, not selling, wife will probably get the LG)


    NB Nice panorama app on the LG:

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