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PDC10 Website/Player  feedback

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    Rendering Problems

    Some feedback:

    # Great experience with the dual screens ans 'swap' features!
    # Why was there a HTML and a SILVERLIGHT version of the 'guide' ? At the start of keynote there was no 'play' button to find the keynote feed. Now the HTML version is not to be found.
    # As seen above there are some rendering issues with the Silverlight Guide (strange because it's silerlight it should render right...)
    # Twitter just seems to slow for Q&A you should not use it. Most questions are not seen by the guests. (It also doesn't really work from within the player for me)
    # When will sessions be available 'on demand' ? Still within 24 hours ?
    # There were some error problems at startup right after the keynote. But they seem to be fixed now.

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    @CKurt:Some sessions go back in time.

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    Yeah, I missed the first 15 minutes of the keynote since I was refreshing the root folder. Wasn't until someone tweeted a link that I found it in the /session.

    Last couple of conferences have done this.

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    After learning how it works, I must say that the PDC player is an excellent example of what you can do with Silverlight. As someone unfamiliar with HTML5, could a similar site be built with the <canvas> and <video> tags?

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    Michael Butler

    It's a great example of what can be done with Microsoft technologies. I'm waiting until I can download the keynote and sessions so I can watch on my Xbox via Media Centre. Anybody know when the downloads will be available?

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    The Don Syme session on F# isn't working for me (it's the only one I tried that's not) ... it just gives me a generic error message. It was probably the one I was most interested in too ... Sad

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    There is something seriously wrong with it, it burns through a lot of cpu even when paused or after the end of a video.  If you minimise the browser the cpu goes way down.

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    Michael Butler

    Finally got a HQ keynote downloaded, will watch it on my Xbox tonight Big Smile


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