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    United States Patent  8,255,830 Ording ,   et al.  August 28, 2012 


    Methods and graphical user interfaces for editing on a multifunction device with a touch screen display

    Abstract In some embodiments, a device displays content on a touch screen display and detects input by finger gestures. In response to the finger gestures, the device selects content, visually distinguishes the selected content, and/or updates the selected content based on detected input. In some embodiments, the device displays a command display area that includes one or more command icons; detects activation of a command icon in the command display area; and, in response to detecting activation of the command icon in the command display area, performs a corresponding action with respect to the selected content. Exemplary actions include cutting, copying, and pasting content.


    Inventors:  Ording; Bas (San Francisco, CA), Kocienda; Kenneth L. (Sunnyvale, CA), Moore; Bradford Allen (Palo Alto, CA), van Os; Marcel (San Francisco, CA), Williamson; Richard (Los Gatos, CA), Forstall; Scott (Mountain View, CA)  Assignee: Apple Inc. (Cupertino, CA)   Appl. No.:  12/565,750 Filed:  September 24, 2009