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    United States Patent  8,255,144 Breed ,   et al.  August 28, 2012 


    Intra-vehicle information conveyance system and method

    Abstract System and method for conveying data between vehicles includes a data generating system arranged on a first vehicle to obtain or generate information about the first vehicle or conditions around the first vehicle, a first communications system arranged on the first vehicle and coupled to the data generating system for communicating with a wireless Internet service provider (ISP) and a second communications system arranged on a second vehicle and communicating with an ISP. The first communications system enables the information obtained or generated by the data generating system to be transmitted via the Internet to the second communications system. The first and second communications systems can communicate with the same ISP or different ISPs linked to one another.


    Inventors:  Breed; David S. (Miami Beach, FL), Johnson; Wendell C. (Kaneohe, HI), DuVall; Wilbur E. (Reeds Spring, MO)  Assignee: Intelligent Technologies International, Inc. (Denville, NJ)   Appl. No.:  11/874,749 Filed:  October 18, 2007