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    United States Patent  8,255,428 Bull ,   et al.  August 28, 2012 


    Graphical representation of assets stored on a portable media device

    Abstract A user interfaces can deliver enhanced information regarding media assets stored on a portable media device. A graphical user interface for database browsing and navigation can include a list of values of a metadata item and a graphical representation of the distribution of media assets across the values on the list, such as a pie chart where the size of different wedges reflects the fraction of media assets having a particular value. As a user browses a list, the graphical representation can be modified to emphasize the correspondence between different graphical elements and different entries on the list.


    Inventors:  Bull; William (Mountain View, CA), Hicks; Kourtny Minh (Sunnyvale, CA)  Assignee: Apple Inc. (Cupertino, CA)   Appl. No.:  13/024,296 Filed:  February 9, 2011