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Patrick Dussud says the same CLR on the desktop will run on phones and devices

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    Patrick Dussud said, 1:22 ~ 1:23 in this Q&A session

    Windows Phone 7 has a different CLR than the CLR on the desktop, as a goal of us to actually go down and be able to serve phones in the future with the same CLR architecture

    so Compact Framework is no more Smiley

    Actually we can see a job posting from Microsoft indicates the same:

    The Common Language Runtime team (CLR) is hiring an experienced software design engineer in test (SDET) to drive testing code in memory-constrained scenarios. The CLR is the runtime on which all managed code executes and is a technology central to Microsoft's developer ecosystem. As an advocate for the customer, you will be working closely with Dev and PM peers to understand CLR behavior in low-memory devices and to design enhancements that deliver first-class user experiences. Key responsibilities also include architecting and implementing tests and test infrastructure to drive reliability in the product on devices

    And there was rumor said WP8 Apollo will use CoreCLR

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    @felix9: Is that an official Microsoft statement, or is it something that will have to be retracted?


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    OK, I inspected some pdb files of .NET Framework 4.5, and saw this in sos.pdb/mscoreei.pdb


    Now we have Phone NT and Phone CLR, what else ? Phone RT ? Tongue Out

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