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    I've been advised by my advisors in academic circles, who advised me to start contacting academic faculty leaders to seek working under themnow, rather than in a year's time when competition would be considerably harder.

    My interests are in vision and HCI, the thing is... all the obvious ideas have already been done before I even got a chance to contribute. Kinect already bridges CV and HCI together for controller-less interaction. The groundwork is laid, all that's left are incremental improvements.

    Other 'cool' things like converting 2D images and scenes into 3D models has been done in the past few years, and of course, Johnny Chung Lee's things.

    One 'low hanging fruit' left for me is Augmented Reality, which is something that interests me, despite me not ever having done much real work in that area. I'm interested in developing and researching ideas for practical AR projects, rather than gimmicky and bulky 'wearable computers'. I'm also also interested in the state of HCI design for AR systems, eyepiece-displays in particular. I remember seeing a 640x480 eyepiece display in the late-1990s used by aeroplane techs that drove a Windows (possibly 98, maybe 95) box using sensors attached to the face for things like tab and return key presses, and the developers describing how when workers dropped stuff on their foot they would wince in pain, which would cause the computer to interpret natural reactions as input commands. But I digress...

    But is this enough as the basis for a thesis? I'm asking the section of Ch9's audience that has experience with postgrad research courses. I'm concerned that a lot of the stuff that interests me is more related to EE than CS, and I'd like to stay purer-to-form if possible.

    I'm planning on applying to the 'usual suspects' in elite CS (Stanford, CMU, MIT, UC-B, UoW) as they all have research groups in this area, but I dunno, lol.

    What would I be putting in the "Describe your research proposal" field on admissions forms?

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