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Peer pressure was too much

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    With the push for single sign-on and other identity foundation stuff, I was hoping that's what LiveID and/or OpenID would become.  I'm starting to see a lot more sites that use one or both of these (as well as facebook, oddly) to sign you in.  I guess if people trust verisign to keep track of that info, then that works, but it should be up to the consumer/user to carry or store this info any and everywhere they wish as well as expose whatever info they want to expose on a site by site basis. 

    I might then keep track of credit card info and other actual identity stuff in there and then expose it to amazon but not to channel 9 even if they both request identity information from the same location.

    I already feel a little dirty when I have to give credit card info to a site that isn't well known.  If instead I gave them the location of my info, they passed that along to Citibank, and then citibank asked for the actual card info, I could then trust Citibank and NOT have to give my card info to some random website.

    I'm not sure how well Citibank would like it.  They make more money off of impulse purchases and their attitude towards fraud is that the customer should do the legwork when it happens. 


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