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    RealBboy360 wrote: Last time I posted about this I thought MS was killing this option and you wouldn't have to select anymore.  

    The have, sort of. If you have a Azure Subscription/Azure AD and you have configured a custom domain name with that subscription/Azure AD you will no longer be able to create Microsoft Accounts using that domain.

    Any Microsoft Account created prior to configure the custom domain with your Azure Subscription/Azure AD will continue to work. If you register the same email address as both a Microsoft Account and as a Azure AD account of course you will be prompted. You have two account that a valid. How can anyone but you know which one you one to use? So you have to get rid of one of the account and you will not be prompted anymore.  If you have 2 x account with the same email address you get promped. If you only have 1 you will not. It is that simple.

    RealBboy360 wrote: Although with new MS account I create for different companies I still get this

    This is your error. A Microsoft Account if NOT for company use. Stop creating Microsoft Account for companies. Just stop doing. It is wrong. Microsoft Accounts are for personal off-duty, not at work, stuff.

    RealBboy360 wrote: Why can't they just copy what google is doing with account switching

    They could if they wanted to, but they don't want to and they are not going to.

    Lets recap from the old thread. You work for company zxc. Prior to Azure AD there was nothing to stop you from creating a Microsoft Account using you zxc email address. That account worked just fine and you could sign up for xbox, office online, all other Microsoft Services using that account. No problem there.

    There only problem is that there is now is a zxc account out in the wild that the IT department of company zxc has absolutly no control over. Microsoft want to give back the controls of all accounts that belongs to that company to the IT department. They want you to delete the Microsoft account and only use the Azure AD account because IT Departments has central control over those.

    And until you start doing that they will keep prompting you and annoy you and make life hard on you until you get the message.

    No companies should use Microsoft Accounts for anything. Microsoft Accounts, as a business account, should be nuked from orbit, but they cannot do that, but they can annoy you until you finally delete the Microsoft Accounts you use for business purposes.

    STOP using Microsoft Accounts at work!