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    , JoshRoss wrote

    It would make more sense for me to develop Windows 8 apps, if it were a PhoneGap target. I've spend a good part of the last ten years developing desktop LOB apps.

    Having bothered to learn JavaScript and the intricacies of the DOM, I ask myself why in the world would I write an app that is basically a browser host app, but only targets Windows 8 computers?

    It would be like I was in the cup making business, but my cups could only be used to contain peanut butter and jelly flavored vodka. The stuff exists, and it is pleasing to the senses, but it will never represent a large portion of the beverages people consume.


    In fact, HTML5 WinRT apps are not hosted in a browser control. HTML5 is a first class WinRT projection (so, you build Windows Store Apps with HTML5, not as web pages that run in a WebView control, but as code that directly targets WinRT). There's a big difference. Further, this means you can naturally interoperate with .NET and C/C++ code running on WinRT, too. Now, you don't get to put DX shaders on Canvas elements like you can with XAML UI surfaces, but you can use a DX component that, say, does creative things to images by just passing an image to it from JavaScript (most likely as a path to the file or a JavaScript byte array).

    Your last point is purely speculative. It's also a weak argument.  Windows 8 is currently at the beginning of it's marketplace adoption cycle and therefore doesn't match the current levels of usage of more established general purpose operating systems (which have been in market much longer). Asserting that this alone means it will never be successful is illogical. Even Spock would question this.