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    @Charles: I understand the value proposition of Windows 8 native app development  it's just that it isn't worth using right now. There might be some edge case where you simply cannot do something in a browser. But those cases are getting more rare as time goes by, browsers become more capable, and computers are become more efficient.

    Things like C++ AMP look totally awesome, and if I was creating a compute intensive app, I would have it in my pipeline, somewhere. Search and Sharing... The jury is still out on these ideas.

    But anyone developing software should write their base app to target a web browser, if they then want to progressively enhance enhance it with native bells and whistles, then great. And this is where Microsoft could shine.  Offer a better browser that runs on everything, and awesome tools that target it.

    The Web Essentials 2012 that Mads is working on is completely awesome, and all the work with the Web API is superb. We just need more things of this quality baked into Windows itself.