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    I've just installed Pokki on Win7 - that thing is better than the Win8 experience, no joke. You have a greatly designed appstore, the apps don't run fullscreen on your 22" display (if you want they can though) and the applauncher has the start menu format, that means no jarring context switch. Sure the "apps" are just HTML5 stuff, but the design of the Pokki experience itself is far better than the W8 snodge. If W8 would be like that on the laptop/desktop, there would have been no drama.

    Freeware by some garage firms beats W8. Yeah, it sounds troll, but try it for yourself and honestly tell me you prefer the W8 design on the desktop to the Pokki approach.

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    Edit: The All Programs menu looks better than Win7's own version of it. There's a pretty neat region for all the social network stuff and the pinning layer is great too.