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    , TexasToast wrote

    I see alot of people who like Obama, but just think he is too idealistic and not practical enough to get this country moving. 

    On policy issues, I agree with Obama on some issues and agree with Romney on others. What I've always disliked about Obama is that he came in pretending that he was more idealistic and pure than the average politician, and that he was riding in on a white horse to solve all of our problems, and he never was. He's a machine politician just like most of the other people in Washington, and just as partisan; it was a big lie just to sell his candidacy. And I think he's been an extremely divisive leader -- everything Democrats accused Bush of.

    I'm not excited about Romney as a replacement, though. As much as both Obama and Romney like to feed into this idea, it's not the Presidents job to "fix the economy" so his acumen as a business leader doesn't impress me. It's not even the President's job to write laws, much less fix the economy, that's the Congress' job.  Romney, too, like Obama, he's a machine politician, who likes to pretend he's an "outsider" because he was an insider in Boston politics, and not in D.C. politics. What's the difference?