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    , brian.​shapiro wrote


    They have Daily Caller, NewsMax, Hotair, as sources.I haven't much explored the site, but advertised right there is a "news slider" that lets you choose from left-wing and right-wing sources. If you place it in the middle, you get generally mainstream sites like CNN, Fox, msnbc, NY Times, WSJ.

    (Personally I think its awful they're sticking to this format of left vs. right when there's a diverse amount of viewpoints, which though may be categorized as left-right , isn't always the best way to see them).

    I think the slider is genius. The best part about it is that you can actually move it at will and see one perspective, the other, or both! Wow.

    Regarding Benghazi it also doesn't include articles about how the Republicans voted to cut spending on embassy security in the past. Funny how the facts that seem to matter the most never make it to the front page...