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    , TexasToast wrote

    I see alot of people who like Obama, but just think he is too idealistic and not practical enough to get this country moving.  

    For me Obama's approach is about building an economy that lasts -- not another bubble like the Republican's build with deregulation, corporate welfare, and a lack of investment in the future for things like education and renewables. Time and time again the Republicans dupe the impatient, small minded Americans into thinking they will provide opportunity for everyone. Instead they give breaks to their wealthy cronies and disguise it in some crumbs they provide the middle class. In the end we end up in another recession, another bailout, and more fraud that goes unpunished because the laws on the books are unenforceable. The divide between the rich and poor grows and the excuse you most commonly hear is that "everyone has the same opportunity". What a load of BS. No thanks. I'll take Obama.

    I was so glad to leave the democratic leaning state of Washington.  They support Obama, but I counted 12 GM cars.   All Bmws, mercedes, hondas, toyotas, etc.   If you support Obama who save the auto industry by buying GM trade in your vehicle for a GM.  Make the sacrifice.  The Chevy Volt is waiting for you.   

    That's funny because I can hardly get out of my neighborhood because the street is blocked with so may Chevy Tahoe's & Suburban's, Dodge Charger wagons. Ford Flex's, etc. And yes I live in Washington State.

    On another subject,  there is a big push for recycling and there were 3 different garbage slots for your different types of waste.   I watched with amusement on how everyone just was confused and mixed up all the items.   Nice idea but poor implementation.  

    Maybe you lived in neighborhood of Texan transplants. We used to have 3 bins: paper, plastic, and glass. I never saw people screw it up as broadly as you describe. Of course we're all about progress here in the Northwest (rather than being a bunch of whiners & quitters) so now we have a giant can for all recyclables except glass and a bin for the glass. My regular garbage can is dwarfed by my recycle can. I never have a problem with the regular trash can being too full and I always seem to find a way to fill the recycle.

    I'm bettering that in the next 30-50 years the Northwest will have renewables & recyclables all figured out making blowhards like you look like fools. Bye-bye big oil...

    This country needs more energy production with less regulation for companies.   This will grow manufacturing because it will be cheaper to build and distribute than anywhere else.  

    Sorry I don't want to be like China -- both in pollution and jobs where people want to kill themselves because of working conditions.

    Romney is right about this and it will create 12 million plus jobs.  

    You really need to do some research rather than accept Romney's talking points straight out of his mouth.

    "But Moody's Analytics, in an August forecast, predicts 12 million jobs will be created by 2016, no matter who is president."

    Try to fly a jet on Solar panels.  President Barack Obama will face voters with the highest unemployment rate of any incumbent since Franklin Roosevelt and slightly higher than the 7.8% when he took office in January 2009.  This country is not Europe.   Europe likes this country to be different from them.  Thats why people keep coming here.  I do not see alot of migration going the opposite direction where people are moving out of the US to other countries.  

    A solar jet? Where the hell did you pull that out of? Oh wait...

    No matter who was president this past four years they would have faced the same historic recession that Obama faced and in only four years time would be lucky to have come as far as Obama has taken us. Out of one side of their mouths Republicans say stuff like you did and out of the other side of their mouths they say stuff like "people come here for the free services and handouts". So which is it? Jobs or Handouts?

    As for Europe I'd hope we would learn from both their mistakes and their successes and not just color things as "bad" because some country in Europe does it that way. The latter is all about control -- label something in an easy to swallow hate pill and the American public will pop them like candy and as a result hand their will over to you. Seik heil!

    If this election goes Obama's way I see alot of small businesses closing and unemployment soaring above 12%.   This will cause social unrest and high crime rates.  If you are from Canada or Europe you might not want to visit here because your safety will be compromised.  Thats the democratic future. 

    This sounds a lot like the Bush era tactics he used to get re-elected for his second term. Replace "social unrest" with "terrorism" and it's the same old Republican shtick.

    No doubt the unemployment rate won't improve until the Republican lead House (and possible Senate this next term) is willing to come to the table and work out a balanced approach with the Democrats. It was clear this past term their sole mission was to oust Obama and do absolutely nothing for the economy. If they continue to let their puppet master, the Tea Party, control them we will see no progress. Maybe this term they'll actually try and pass some legislation about the economy instead of wasting time and taxpayer money trying to repeal Obamacare fully knowing such efforts were futile and nothing more than political posturing.