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    @DeathByVisualStudio: Your sad and you have come down to name calling.  I guess you need that education money but it will not improve on born stupidity.  Good luck in your next job working stiff. Your a big whiner about Microsoft too.  Why dont you start your own company and join us in the republican party.  Oh thats right,  born stupid.  Hopefully you can get some food stamps for a while or maybe you can eat some recycled food when your downsizing occurs.   Texas is just fine and understands what this country is all about but you do not.  Come down here and tell me some of your stereotyped names Yankee boy.

    @cbae: Again, greed is solely responsible not Bush.  You said it now go away to your basement and play some Xbox.    Yes now we have stupid government greed and it is getting worse.   I will do fine either way but I worry about how people have become brain washed in believing a government can fix education, energy, and greed.  It starts with all the teachers belonging to the democratic party and filling young minds with crap.