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    , TexasToast wrote


    "For me Obama's approach is about building an economy that lasts -- not another bubble like the Republican's build with deregulation, corporate welfare, and a lack of investment in the future for things like education and renewables.

    Hey I like that someone can be idealistic like you.     Have you ever owned and run a business?   Try to put up a building and deal with local government regulations on top of all the other crap from the feds for hiring etc.   We need deregulation badly before it chokes this country to death.   Obama is hiring more regulators and making more government to kill private industry jobs.  Thats not a long term approach for me. 

    That's funny because I thought the recession was caused in part by deregulation. Yeah that's what we need, less regulation... Perplexed

    As long as businesses have to pay a dime in taxes or be held accountable to a single regulation they will complain. My boss is a fantastic person to work for and is very kind and generous person. He's a part owner in the company I work for. He just built a swanky new house in a upscale part of town, bought a hopped up $60K Dodge truck, paid a boatload of money for interior decorators to design and decorate our main conference room and entryway, and is paying for his two kids' college tuition. Our company has less than 80 employees so it's not huge. And yes he complains about regulations and taxes. It's funny how they don't seem to be killing his income or the health of our company.

    And corporate profits are at a 30 year all-time high. Take a look at the first chart of this article from the Motley Fool. The article actually voices concerns the idea that profits have peeked -- there's no room left for growth. With that said I think I'd long over due to change the game.

    So while I don't own a business I'm certainly not going to take a business owner's word for it (or a politician's) that taxes and over-regulation is killing business. Surely ever system isn't perfect and could use some housecleaning but this idea that American business are over-regulated is just another Republican talking point.

    BTW, Nice touch with the bold. It's like Romney in the last debate; "I'm going to do exactly what Obama did but much better -- because I said so." Reminds me of another "I'm the Decider"...