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    Argument from authority. I don't care who uses them, I reject them on the basis that I don't think they provide a realistic picture. Disposable income in nearly twice that in the USA compared to the Netherlands. Then 4000 sounds like a lot all of a sudden!

    Actually the claim to Authority is that you're rejecting the data because you think you know better than people like the WHO who actually do this kind of comparison day-in, day-out for a living.

    You're just a failed FUD artist who can't see that rational argument comes from debating facts, not just shouting opinions.

    Come up with some data to say you're right, otherwise you're just wrong.

    If everyone is disagreeing with you, and there's no data to backup your half-hearted assertions, then chances are it's because you're wrong, rather than a global conspiracy to hide the evidence of your idiotic opinions.

    How can increasing the bureaucracy lead to a reduction in costs? It's physically impossible. You are going to have to pay the middle man as well, so cost will increase by definition. As a capitalist, you should know that.

    Bigger purchase orders = lower costs. That's why the NHS outperforms and under-costs the US private healthcare system for the last fifty years. Go private sector!

    In the UK we don't have to pay the middle-man. We pay the NHS, not our insurance company. That's why we're cheaper than the US.

    I sure hope you never ever get a malpractice in our hospitals,. The examples are numerous,.

    Numerous in America too. That's why insurance is so expensive over there.