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    Sven Groot

    , Proton2 wrote

    Professor Curry, a former US National Research Council Climate Research  Committee member and the author of more than 190 peer-reviewed papers,  responded: 'A note to defenders of the idea that the planet has been warming for  the past 16 years. Raise the level of your game. Nothing in the Met Office's  statement .  .  . effectively refutes Mr. Rose's argument that there has been no  increase in the global average surface temperature for the past  16 years.

    This is what's called an argument from authority. The fact that the guy who said it wrote so many papers means nothing. You know that Newton believed in alchemy? That Einstein didn't believe quantum mechanics could be true? Just because a very smart or influential person believes something doesn't make it true.

    No, the idea itself is what must be published in a peer-reviewed scientific paper and afterwards gain acceptance in the scientific community.

    Also, the fact that there has been little warming (note: not no warming) in the last decade isn't in dispute. The fact that that implies that climate change isn't happening at all, is.