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    Dr Herbie

    , Maddus Mattus wrote


    Healthcare wasn't always this expensive. In the good old days you could get a years worth of healthcare for days wage. 


    Seriously?  You're using "the good old days" as a yardstick? Which "good old days" was this?  The good old days when medicine was very cheap and not very effective? When mortality rates were pretty high?  When the used leeches? Prior to the invention of anesthesia? Prior to cancer care?  Prior to vaccinations? Prior to MRI-scans? Prior to transplants?  When surgery was still carried out by barbers? When chewing willow bark was the pinnacle of pharmacology?

    Again, if you're going to state something as fact, you're going to need evidence of some sort, not some rose-tinted view of "the good old days".