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    The unemployment went back up to 7.9%.   So following a trend next month  we go back over 8% again and worse from there.  This is what will be the nail in the coffin come Tuesday.   Does anyone going into the voting booth really think that current policies will improve this country?   I see alot of people who like Obama, but just think he is too idealistic and not practical enough to get this country moving.   I was so glad to leave the democratic leaning state of Washington.  They support Obama, but I counted 12 GM cars.   All Bmws, mercedes, hondas, toyotas, etc.   If you support Obama who save the auto industry by buying GM trade in your vehicle for a GM.  Make the sacrifice.  The Chevy Volt is waiting for you.    On another subject,  there is a big push for recycling and there were 3 different garbage slots for your different types of waste.   I watched with amusement on how everyone just was confused and mixed up all the items.   Nice idea but poor implementation.  

    This country needs more energy production with less regulation for companies.   This will grow manufacturing because it will be cheaper to build and distribute than anywhere else.   Romney is right about this and it will create 12 million plus jobs.   Try to fly a jet on Solar panels.  President Barack Obama will face voters with the highest unemployment rate of any incumbent since Franklin Roosevelt and slightly higher than the 7.8% when he took office in January 2009.  This country is not Europe.   Europe likes this country to be different from them.  Thats why people keep coming here.  I do not see alot of migration going the opposite direction where people are moving out of the US to other countries.  

    If this election goes Obama's way I see alot of small businesses closing and unemployment soaring above 12%.   This will cause social unrest and high crime rates.  If you are from Canada or Europe you might not want to visit here because your safety will be compromised.  Thats the democratic future.