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    , ScanIAm wrote


    I know, sweetie, it's all bronco bama's fault.

    Good to have a reminder of how seriously you take such serious issues.

    , cbae wrote

    @dahat: Is the feigned outrage the only schtick you know? You should go on strike with the rest of your "producer" buddies. That'll teach the media for ignoring your feelings.

    You must be new... I do not feign anything... I am outraged that not only does the president think an ambassador being murdered by a terrorist attack is a minor thing... but that people like you are so eager to deflect... mmmm.... the desperation is delicious.

    , DeathBy​VisualStudio wrote


    I wasn't saying the WH, DOD, etc wasn't blameless. I was underscoring the fact that this information is as non-existent on Bing as the Republican's rants were. You can turn this turd into your favorite talking points if you want. You just make the case of how insanely furiously righteous some people on the right can be... I bet your alias here used to be "Da-Tinfoil-Hat"... Wink

    By omission you did by trying to cast blame in a single discredited direction.

    Again... the desperation is delicious.