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    @DeathByVisualStudio: Well if the company is at 80 employees then watch it go to 50.(the magic number for obamacare)   Just think how much more he could pay you if it did not go for taxes.  I am sure he would not mind paying more taxes if it was not wasted.   Corporate profits are only high because they are not hiring or investing.

    As far as deregulation and it causing the recession,  I wish cbae could get that through his head and stop blaming Bush for the downturn.    It was deregulation, however with help from Fannie and Freddie.   If the government was not involved the downturn would not have happened because nobody would be backing the loans.   You will see this replay when the education loan crisis comes and nobody has the money to pay back the government.   Government involvement is what causes problems like rising tuition,  jobs going overseas,  gas over 3 dollars a gallon, drug wars, and poverty.  When the government is doing more and growing you eventually end up with socialism.   Do you want bus drivers to be paid the same as doctors?   People who work harder, take risks, deserve their fruits and should not have the government trying to play robin hood.  Seems like taxing the rich is resonating with alot of people because of class envy and will be the major reason for Obama to get re-elected if he wins Tuesday.