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    43 minutes ago, TexasToast wrote

    @DeathByVisualStudio: Your sad and you have come down to name calling.


    You're clearly a product of Don McLeroy's Texas educational system.

    I guess you need that education money but it will not improve on born stupidity.


    And your posts show the sophistication of an offensive tackle engorging himself at the Longhorns training table.

    @cbae: Again, greed is solely responsible not Bush. You said it now go away to your basement and play some Xbox. *snip*

    Nice extrapolation. I said greed is solely responsible for the banks' desire to get into subprime loans. This does not acquit Dumbya. He's responsible for fomenting a climate of hypergreed with his economic policy, and another Texas imbecile is responsible for dismantling Glass-Steagall.