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    , SteveRichter wrote


    I don't see why the government has to be involved in regulating any banks or lending companies. If the goverment offers deposit insurance it should do so after the bank first buys private insurance. I would not keep money in a bank that was not certified as sound by a reputable bank examiner. This business in the US of banks being too big to fail is nonsense. In a free market, if banks get too big and unstable, their stock price will suffer and their shareholders will move to break them up.

    Ah, yes, the 'shareholders are totally in charge' fallacy. 

    Have you ever actually owned a stock? 

    If so, do you vote at the yearly board meetings?

    If so, did you have enough shares to make your needs felt?

    Starting from the last question to the first, I guarantee that at least on of those answers is 'No'.

    Publicly traded companies are never governed by the majority of shareholders, they are governed by the shareholders with a majority of shares.  And those folks don't have the same interests as you do.