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    Maddus Mattus

    , ScanIAm wrote

    You are just being silly, now.  The idea that we should roll the dice on healthcare, food or traffic safety is just rediculous.

    I'm being drop dead serious.

    Healthcare costs in Holland are through the roof! There is no incentive to make healthcare cheaper, because there is no competition. Competition can only exist in a free market.

    Food subsidies is keeping Africa poor.

    I do agree with traffic laws, but I've seen crossings in India that made me think twice about the absolute necessity.

    The alternative is what we just had and the result is what just occured in the early to mid 2000s.  The only reason you are still arguing this is a good thing is that you've backed yourself into a corner and have no way to get out of the argument.

    You confuse cause and effect. The cause is the regulation, the effect is a crisis. I'm not saying without regulations there will be no crisis, they will be just more manageable.

    The population can vote for (and therefor out) their government.  They cannot vote out business critters who cheat. 

    Yes you can, you can stop buying their products. You get to vote with each dollar you spend! I'll guarantee you they will shape up faster then any politician. We are stuck with those for the entire term.

    Stop trolling. 

    Stick and stones.

    You have your answer.  If you wish to ignore it in favor of 'how much' then you can continue to argue with yourself on that.  I won't argue the color of the sky with a blind man.

    If you cannot provide a number, you cannot argue the principle. Either back it up with data or stop using the fallacy. Sure some things wouldn't be legal under SG, but that wouldn't mean that the entire crisis would be averted, even less damaging. The damages now just landed in a different place, you can argue that it's not fair, but not that the crisis would be less damaging.

    I don't know if english is your first, second, or third language, but when you get around to fully comprehending it, go back and actually read what the CRA does and show me where it said that banks were forced to give bad loans to unqualified applicants.

    Again, sticks and stones.