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    , dahat wrote

    @brian.shapiro: I was going based on the drop down list of sources on the customize page... which lacks the three sources you mentioned

    @DeathByVisualStudio: "Regarding Benghazi"... you just be getting pretty desperate as even the mainstream Democrats have given up on that line of arguing as it is increasingly clear that a giant ball was dropped by State, DOD and the Whitehouse. Attempt to spin all you want... but it does not change the fact that a massive cover up is going on... one that the media would no doubt care about if it wasn't being done to protect the hide of a Democrat President.

    I wasn't saying the WH, DOD, etc wasn't blameless. I was underscoring the fact that this information is as non-existent on Bing as the Republican's rants were. You can turn this turd into your favorite talking points if you want. You just make the case of how insanely furiously righteous some people on the right can be... I bet your alias here used to be "Da-Tinfoil-Hat"... Wink