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    ,cbae wrote

    Paper is thin so you fit many sheets into a small amount of space. I don't see there being a use case for stacking 200 tablets into a briefcase.

    That's not the reason why paper is thin.  Paper was thin far before people ever collected 200 sheets together. 

    In any case paper thin tabletis are useful for a variety of reasons, a key one being that it takes up less space on my person.  Given that I can carry an iPad in my inside jacket pocket, a thinner form factor is useful. 

    When you pick up a piece of paper, you're not trying to avoid touching a certain part of it, are you? 

    I was -- I was pretending it was a paper thin tablet.

    Try holding up a piece of paper deep in your palm with your fingers fanned out underneath it with your thumb anchoring it near the EDGE of the paper (i.e. as if to avoid touching the screen on a tablet). You're essentially pinching it with the SIDE of your thumb up against the base of your index finger OR you have to bend your thumb down in an awkward way.

    Now do this with a paperback book. You can hold it deep in your palm, but because it's thicker you can wrap your thumb over the top and anchor the book more with the pad of your thumb. This is far more stable and more comfortable.

    Now do this with a cardboard box that's about 2" thick. You can anchor it on the corner along the top surface with the top pad of your thumb. This is even more stable and comfortable IMO.

    I guess you're just more evolved than me because I don't have any of the problems you profess to have. 

    BTW, here's a hint, you can't win over your competitions customers by telling them, "Sure you think its comfortable, but its really not."  Those jedi mind tricks just work in movies.

    People that drink the Kool-Aid tend to not complain about the flavor.

    Apparently less evolved humans are succeptible to this apparent iPad design flaw.  I'm looking forward to how well your 2" thick tablets sell to the more evolved aliens who have yet to land on this planet.  I guess this will be the new MS tablet marketing motto, "Sure the iPad is great if you're a human with normal fingers.  But advanced beings much prefer this 2" thick tablet."  Actually it sounds like their current marketing messages.

    Then why did you bother saying this?

    I miswrote.  Meant to say partners.