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    Obviously, the title is a ruse to get as much replies as possible. I made this disclaimer so that no one thinks I'm practising marketing skills. Smiley

    Add Support for hardware large integer arithmetic in CLR and broaden support for large numbers in BCL

    If x > y enable all breakpoints(or those with label containing 'abc'), otherwise disable while this condition is enabled

    Shortcut from debugged variable to memory view (extendable byte array visualization)

    Language agnostic comment notation for mathematical expressions with IDE visualization

    Optimize file system operations

    While at this non-marketing/promotion/plugging agenda, I'll also remind everyone of the magical ideas I posted earlier, however these ideas are still at the "planting the seeds" stage:

    1. User can create a C++ native project and add C# classes directly in the same project next to C++ classes. The C++ code can be compiled with 3rd party compiler like Intel compiler and magic happens which allows the C# classes to talk with the C++ classes (and invoke C functions) and the other way around as if they were the same language, no performance penalties at all.

    2. The C# classes code in the C++ project can be modified while the entire application is running in optimized release build. This happens by attaching to the running project, suspending it for a millisecond when it hits a pre-determined "safe to hotpatch section" and updating the C# code inside.

    3. Changes to C# portions do not cause the C++ code to re-compile or link.

    4. As alternative to embedding C# the embedding interface supports embedding other future languages which gain the same features as above.

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    Ion Todirel

    C# is a performance penalty in itself, not sure what you mean by no "performance penalties at all" Tongue Out That's neat in theory, but in practice it's just not worth the engineering effort because you almost never want to just have all the classes/functions exported. That's my personal opinion of course Smiley There is a cost involved for doing anything, if you do things implicitly, then that simply is absolutely unacceptable and not in the spirit of C++, what you're asking here is an extension to C++ that can do that, if you want something like that you can already do it with C++/CX, where all the classes implicitly generate metadata and are guaranteed to be there and not be killed off by the optimizer, note that I say CX, CX is not C++ 

    What do you mean by "optimized file system operations"?

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