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    @ryanb: Top row 

    RG-550, currently only used as a MIDI controller. 

    Custom Ibanez I made myself with two 'monkey grip' handles, painted by Darren Michaels who did all the original swirl paint jobs for Ibanez/Vai. It's thin like a Parker Fly. Signed by Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, and Joe Dispangi. It has the elusive hand guard plate over the tremolo that Vai came up with but never really shipped due to a patent suit from Kahler. 

    LNG Jem 777, #103. Signed and numbered at the factory, and then signed again "To Larry - Steve" Also has a tremolo handguard on it that Steve gave me. 

    Bottom row: 

    My daughter's pink hello kitty Fender Strat mini. 

    Kramer ?, used only when something needs smashed. 

    Charvel Model 2. A poor replacement for a much-loved Charvel Model 4 that was stolen. 

    The posters are all signed by the G3 peeps, backstage patches and Vai's picks are in the corners.