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Printer Status

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    I am trying to get get the status of a specific printer stored as a variable so something happens when it is printer, or idling, etc. I am able to retrieve the status of all the printer connected to my PC(see code below). How to I set the status of a Pinter as a variable?


    Public Class Form1

        Private Sub Form1_Load(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load

            Dim strPrintServer As String, WMIObject As String, PrinterSet As Object, Printer As Object

            strPrintServer = "localhost"
            WMIObject = "winmgmts://" & strPrintServer
            PrinterSet = GetObject(WMIObject).InstancesOf("win32_Printer")

            For Each Printer In PrinterSet
                MsgBox(Printer.Name & ": " & (Printer.PrinterStatus))
            Next Printer
    End Class

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    According to the Win32_Printer WMI documentation, the Status properties are read-only, so no, you cannot set the status of a printer (not that makes much sense in the first place really).

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    I don't think he's trying to set a printer's status because he seems to be wanting to retrieve the status of a specific printer.

    However, I don't understand his question:

    How to I set the status of a Pinter as a variable?

    Are you asking how to make a variable that holds the status of a printer?

    EDIT: Actually, I think you have a printer object stored somewhere and all you're trying to do is update that object with the new status, right? If that's the case...just don't use Win32_Printer. Create your own printer class and update the fields on that.

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    if I read the OP right I think what they want is something  kind of like this:

    ideally to get "printer status events" in their application so that they can then react to changes in the current status of a printer.

    polling wmi with a background worker is one way.....

    I have had mixed results with some of the wmi calls.

    I forget at the moment but some things in WMI are not very good, some are ok but some things are not well implemented.


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