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Problems watching videos on Channel 9?

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    None of the videos seem to be working for me. Is anybody else having the same problem?

    I see the preview image when the page loads, but after I click the play button, the video display blacks out and nothing plays.

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    I had the problem yesterday but today they are fine.

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    @cbae: This is an issue we are aware of and should be resolved. The problem is with our Smooth Streaming implementation and last I heard, this was fixed. Where are you located geographically?

    Note that you can change the streaming setting in your profile. Try changing it to Progressive and the videos will play.


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    Seems to be working now with Smooth Streaming. Interestingly, even Progressive didn't work all that well yesterday. It worked intermittently. HTML5 video, however, did work. Of course, HTML5 video is kind of useless until it can go full screen.

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