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View Thread: Programming in Visual Basic or c#
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    evildictait​or wrote 


    Java is the most popular language in the world followed by C++ then C. Javascript is a long way down that list. 


    Where's your list? 

    According to TIOBE:

    And don't tell me about C++/Obj-C being similar, cause with that sense C# is just an extended version of Java, you can almost copy paste Java code into C# (even pretty complex ones) and it'll work, the things that set them apart are the libraries and the advanced features of C#.




    ManipUni wrote 


    Most of those lists are based on number of job adverts containing key words, but as you and I well know Javascript is rarely explicitly listed in the advert even if it is almost always an expected part of the job role.     

    Actually, TIOBE for example is more based on the number of published articles/codes/etc. Yep, a lot of CGI developers will have to write a few lines in Javascript every now and then, but for most of them the amount of Javascript code is negligible compared to server side code. 

    It's just wrong to say "it's the most popular language", when its share of written lines of code overall out there in the world is actually pretty little.