Java is the most popular language in the world followed by C++ then C. Javascript is a long way down that list.

Most of those lists are based on number of job adverts containing key words, but as you and I well know Javascript is rarely explicitly listed in the advert even if it is almost always an expected part of the job role.    

"Web Developer" - Javascript 
"" - Javascript
"PHP" - Javascript
"Java, Tomcat, enterprise systems" - Javascript 

That's a bit harsh. The Visual Basic compiler is written in Visual Basic, as is a substantial fraction of the world's banking system.

It is a little harsh but not entirely untrue. Visual Basic 6 had its little spotlight moment but I think it is safe to say that VB6 is dying and C# has long since replaced it. Likely the largest single use of VB-style syntax at the moment is to write Excel macros, and nobody is hiring for that within its own right. 

As much as I admire Visual Basic for its history, I think it has created a future which it cannot be apart of. There is no space for, just JS, C++, and C#.