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View Thread: Project Orion, moving the eclipse IDE to the cloud
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    @fanbaby:I used Eclipse on a project involving VxWorks.  I enjoy Java but use the Netbeans environment for that.   I am not even mocking the iphone. So do not make too many assumptions on my viewpoint.   I think Eclipse tries to be too much for everyone to plug into.   What you get is a tool that is not great at any particular thing but has alot of flexibility.   It does not make for a refined tool.  Most everyone I work with has the same opinion.  They prefer Microsoft Visual Studio for development as of right now.   It is focused in on creating the best enviroment for the developer.   The eclipse IDE is clumsy and less powerful.  I am not religious and will change to the best tool.  I even remember when Borland made the best IDE  before Microsoft even knew what an IDE was.  Microsoft makes plenty of mistakes.   I don't think their  Metro strategy is sound yet and we will see how it works out.  So my opinion of Eclipse is not from suffering from any syndrome.