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Prometheus via Pandorum

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    While watching the movie Pandorum using my Xbox and Media Center, I browsed the actors and saw an upcoming 2012 movie called Prometheus.

    I have not been to a movie theatre since 2000, but I am going to go see this one at the theatre.

    I am a big fan of the Alien movies and saw the original at the theatre when it first came out. The last Alien movie (requiem) was even filmed just a few blocks away from me.

    I re-watched the Alien movie just a few weeks ago and thought that a movie based on that alien ship would make a great movie, and I have thought that since 1979. And now that dream has come true.

    Anyone else a fan or looking forward to Prometheus?

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    I am, but its changed from being a direct Alien prequel to something loosely related to the franchise.

     Also, pick up the Alien boxset on Bluray. I was impressed. 

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    interested, not sure if the change in the story is good or bad....

    will have to see how it turns out in the box office.

    i think it was the first two movies that were the best, after that it went down hill.


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    Prometheus is not a direct prequel, but it IS in the Alien world.


     I think it deals with the "space jockey" alien more than the Alien "alien", although that one will be in it too. Ridley Scott behind the camera makes this worthwhile as this idea of going back to LV426 Before the 1979 movie was talked about for ages. I wonder whom else from the first movie is part of the crew..

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    After Netflix, I rarely go to boxoffice. I am terrible. Watching intense sci-fi or LOTR type of movie is worth a movie ticket though.

    Leaving WM on 5/2018 if no apps, no dedicated billboards where I drive, no Store name.
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    Saw the first TV ad the other day. June 8th I think in theatres.

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    Yep, been waiting on this for a while, no Sigourney but the previews look very Alien 1 like.  Oh and let me take this opportunity to name drop - had lunch with John Hurt (I am an extra in Henry V)  Alien is one of my favorite films so this was a big deal for me.  Guess I have to give myself a big #fail as I never thought to ask him what he thought of this ....

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